June 18, 2016

Investment Property | Real Estate Investing

Investment Property | Real Estate Investing

You may be interested in buying an investment property if you want to diversify your holdings beyond stocks and bonds. While stories of quick flips—buying a home, renovating it, and reselling at a much higher price—dominate TV reality shows, renting is the true core of real estate investing. That’s because historically there has been very little real price appreciation in houses. Renting condos generates a steady monthly paycheck, like a classic dividend-paying utility stock. Any price appreciation is a bonus. Prices are from 30.000 USD per studio fully furnished till 100.000 USD for 2 bedroom condo near beach.

Off-Plan Property Investments with High Return On Investment (ROI)

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Off-Plan Project Investment

When purchasing an “off-plan” project in Bangkok or Pattaya, you should be able to achieve at least an 8% ROI if you purchase the right property. Buying/Investing in this kind of Property can get you Pre-Sale price from 25%-30% which can be your profit, when Project is fully completed !

Off-plan projects is a property before a structure has been constructed upon it. Pre-constructions are usually marketed to Real estate developers  and to early adopters as developments so that the purchaser can secure much better finance terms from their lenders.

Thailand is currently one of the world’s hottest property investment sectors. With a healthy economy, stable political climate and steady growth Thailand is a safe and secure investment opportunity. The real estate market in Thailand is thriving with a wealth of foreign and domestic investors taking advantage of the affordable pricing and easy payment terms offered by off plan condominium developments.

Why should you invest in a condo in Pattaya ?

Little Pattaya has as many tourists in a year as Spain’s entire Costa del Sol but weather wise, Andalucía lags well behind. Stats show that people go to Spain for the enjoyable climate but March & April can be extremely wet and if you are unfortunate, you may even see snow in winter. If you go to Pattaya at any time of the year, you are certain that the summer clothes in your luggage are all you need and that your swim suit will be put to good use. Even during Thailand’s wet season, the temperature remains the same and rain very rarely lasts more than a few hours before the sun is back out.

Then compare the price you pay in Pattaya for a 360 sq.m villa on a 1500 sq.m plot with lush landscaped gardens, a guest house, large swimming pool with Jacuzzi, computerized irrigation system, car port for 2 cars and a remote controlled sliding gate; with the price you will have to pay in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

You will most likely end up with a bill that is 3 times higher and the question is would you have everything listed above in the package – probably not. All of the luxuries available here in Pattaya are for a fraction of what you might be expected to pay in America or Southern Europe in areas where holiday makers flock to a sun spoiled climate. Best Investment Property is waiting for you, and everything can be done online with us.

As your investment property appreciates in value in Thailand, the profit is all yours when you sell. Capital Gains Tax does not exist in Thailand and investments are appreciating year by year.

High quality properties developed here in Thailand by our developers use advanced state of the art construction methods that stand the test of time. Interiors are finished in the finest of materials such as tropical hardwoods, premium natural stones, first quality ceramic tiles and top quality sanitary ware. Each bedroom enjoys its own en suite bathroom and these are just the general features on offer when you invest into a condominium or apartment building constructed and developed by our developers.

Few projects here:


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Here is example of calculation in USD  for studio in Pattaya, showing worst and best scenario:

Investment scenario for a studio apartment details
Total purchase cost in USD 33828
Equity in 100,00%
Investment period (years) 5
Time to completion (years) 2
RENTAL (from completion)
Conversative monthly rental income 511
Occupancy 80,00%
Commission Letting costs 10,00%
NET monthly rental income 368
NET Annual Income 4419
NET Yield 13,07%
Total NET Income over 3 years 13,259
Investors cost
Condo average Price 33828
Sinking Fund + Water + Electric meter 611
Setting up company+Lawyer fee+ 1989
Annual Balance Sheet (28.000 USD capital)
Cable Fee 102
White Goods + Furniture (some projects free) 5655
Transfer fee 3.3% 1116
Maintenance costs over 3 years 1211
Total Investor cost 44506
Purchase value 33828
Estimated Purchase Discount 25,00%
Estimated Market Value 45093
CAPITAL Growth Rate 10,00% 15,00% 20,00%
Potential value after 5 years 72624 90699 112212
Additional Income (Rental) 13260 13260 13260
Total Income 85884 103959 125472
ROI (profit) 41379 59455 80964
ROI (%) 92,97% 133,59% 181,91%
Estimated calculation. Actual calculation may vary, prices in USD, use 1 USD = 35,18 THB


p.s. you will be redirected to our official Thailand Property Investments website with all details